The Barony

On our first date, I arrived early at The Barony. I chose The Barony because it featured in the Sylvain Chomet film, ‘The Illusionist’. He wondered why I wanted to meet him at an ‘old man pub’. I suppose it was a reach to assume that he would get the niche, French animated film reference.

I arrived early to have a glass of wine in a bid to ease the nerves. It seemed to do the trick until he, with his disgustingly good hair, walked through the door. I briefly wondered if it was okay that he had better hair than me but I was already on the hook.

I was hopeful that, at first glance, I must have had a similar effect on him, that I was immediately reeling him in. The truth was, he wondered why I was guzzling a large glass of red wine on a toasty afternoon in Summer but, most of all, he was just relieved that he was taller than me.

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