The plastic jacket I wear is heavy with dust.  My straps are on their final threads, clinging to my body as someone dangling from the edge of a cliff would cling with their finger nails; it would take but a nudge for them to release their grip and for me to fall in a heap… Continue reading Alma

The Barony

On our first date, I arrived early at The Barony. I chose The Barony because it featured in the Sylvain Chomet film, ‘The Illusionist’. He wondered why I wanted to meet him at an ‘old man pub’. I suppose it was a reach to assume that he would get the niche, French animated film reference.… Continue reading The Barony


A long time ago, I promised my partner that I would start writing again. As much as I would have loved to have kept that promise, I have very much struggled to find the inspiration to write anything. Now, I find myself unable to leave the house save for household essentials or a swift jog.… Continue reading First

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